Alleged victimization of a Nigerian student in Republic of Benin (photos)

My name is Sikiru Yusuf Adewunmi Joseph Statples. I am a 200l (two hundred) level student in Les Cour Sonour University in Cotonou Benin republic, where I am studying International relations and political science. I went into that country in a good faith of which I entered into a tenancy agreement on the 20th of April 2015 and its going to end on 20th February 2016 with my landlord whose name is Mme HOUNkpehedji.

On the 12th of November before the expiration of the agreement the landlord illegally ejected me without no prior notice or court order and threw my belongings out of the property in that scenario my all my properties was  damaged because of an utility bill which i told him to get me a printed slip of which he went to the meter and wrote an inflated bill on a sheet of paper which i told him i wouldn't pay unless he brings a printed slip from their power holding company. an argument ensued before the ejection.
Subsequent to the unlawful ejection i was aggrieved so I went to my school where i wrote an appeal to the director generale of my school Mr  Fabrice Sonour.  After the appeal i wrote i went to a local police station that has jurisdiction of that area and the police invited the landlord for an interview. He attended the police station but the policemen where been biased about the whole issue of which i was threatened by the landlord that hes going to make life unbearable for me in that country... i had no financial capability to consult a legal practitioner to help address that situation. On the 14th of November 2015 i went to the Nigerian embassy in Benin republic for assistance due to my distress situation i was kept outside the embassy for two hours despite the fact i showed them my permanent voters card as proof of me been a Nigerian citizen. After the long wait a sheet of paper was brought by the security men of which i wrote an appeal to the ambassador then i was let in. I had to come again the next day to the embassy where i met Nigerian Consul to Benin Mr Badmus of which he accompanied me to the police station at Epe Carrefour

To my surprise the consul when he wanted to introduce me at the police station in yoruba dialect said and i quote 'awon ti Buhari ni eleyi' which means i was an emissary of buhari this portrayed me as a whistle blower of the federal republic of Nigeria. That careless comment by the consul made them place me on surveillance in that country.
Linda  i was explicitly told my name was going to be changed to Sikiru Yusuf Razaq and i wouldn't be extradited from the country. i read a lot of meaning to the change of name of which i knew due to the insurgency situation in our country and for the fact that i bear a Muslim name of which i am a christian i decided to stop carrying my blue school bag and i kept carrying a bible where ever i go.
I kept visiting the embassy but with their attitude and their inability to represent me at my own best interest as citizen of the federal republic of Nigeria i had reasonable belief that the Nigerian embassy was collaborating with the police station to frustrate me from pursuing the unlawful ejection case. Linda a lot of irregularities is happening in that country of which the ejection cases is rife in that country and the hostility shown to our citizens is appalling. On the 24th of November i went to the embassy to check  the status of the case Linda  i was driven out of the embassy. The Almighty God can bear me witness
As i left the embassy that day i decided to leave the country that same day  on my way i was attacked by unidentified men who left me for dead. they inflicted heavy injuries on me of which they left me on the road practically dead. The Baale of Seme called the Baale of Badagry that there was a corpse lying on the road. As the Nigerian policemen came to take away my supposed corpse by a stroke of miracle i regained a bit of consciousness and i was subsequently rushed and admitted to the Badagry general hospital. after i was discharged from  the hospital i was on administrative pills for a month or thereabout. Ever since then i haven't  been able to go back to my school despite the fact that the school was on session before the yuletide break.
Linda  i'm traumatized and am apprehensive that grievous  bodily harm will be inflicted on me if i return to school and i my life would be threatened.
On the 22nd of December i wrote a petition to the national assembly to humbly look into my matter with seriousness
Linda i have all the photo evidences to corroborate this debacle i was embroiled in.
JUst to let you know its because of this my issue the social media bill want to be passed into law and i will want this to get to  president of what happened to me in that country. Linda i humbly request you put this on your blog and our president is having a media chat today at 7pm. (Thanks in anticipation Your biggest fan) May God bless you more abundantly as you do so.
Enclosed are the photo evidences to corroborate my story
1 my photo
2 hospital photos
3 unlawful ejection photos
4 hospital card
5 school id card
6 voters card
7 the petition that was written to the national assembly
8 proof that the petition was sent to the national assembly