Friends of alleged murderers of Nigerian student in Cyprus claim he jumped to his death

Yesterday, I posted a story here about a Nigerian student who was allegedly stabbed to death in his apartment by a group of boys, also said to be Nigerians, he had issues with at a club a day before his death.

The man in the pic above is the person late Ebinabo Mendeinyo allegedly attacked at the Christmas party that led to a reprisal attack from his friends, who now claim that Ebi jumped from his apartment building to his death, that they didn't touch him. Continue to read a version of events they send to me

I am really sorry this boy had to die but the details surrounding his death is false and Cyprus police are only concerned about jailing someone for his suicide. 

I am not involved in the incident but someone I know was involved and this has made him want to take his own life because Ebinabo has made his life miserable.
This guy (Ebinabo) was fighting over a girl he does not know. He broke a jack daniels bottle on my friend's head on the early morning of 26th of Dec 2015. He escaped through his friends and went home. My friend had his head stitched including his face ( 3 stitches). Later that same morning, my friend called his friend and told them what happened, then they decided to go to his house as he was hard minded and believed he could do such act and get away with it. 
They used one of his friend to trace him back to where he was hiding. This same friend that was used to trace him had broken a glass cup on another person's face that same morning. Getting to his house he was hiding inside another room but was hearing noises from his friend saying "no be me". They asked him where (Ebinabo) his friend was, then he pointed to the door. This same guy (Ebinabo) was holding a cutlass and everyone was afraid to get close to him. He was too afraid and the next decision he could think of was to jump of his sixth floor. He has put my friends in trouble despite being the one that started it. Every body know the truth including his friends staying at the apartment with him but lied they stabbed him and pushed him. 
You are the only person that can get us justice with the power of your media. My friends are innocent and I miss them so much. It was never anyone's wish for someone to die but you shouldn't blame innocent people for it. He started it and ended his life. 
I am praying with all my heart you get this message and post it. I will be more than happy if I read can it before tonight and let everyone know what really happened. Cyprus police are so dumb that they just want to blame someone for anything. Because they think we are giving their country a bad image. Plus they are really racist, believe me when I tell you that.
Thank you so much,