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  • Ali Baba writes on celebrities and picking up phonecalls

  • Ali Baba writes 

    I have often sat down to review the stress that goes with being open. And every time I find myself coming to the conclusion that ONE BAD APPLE DON'T SPOIL THE WHOLE BUNCH. But trust me, that one bad apple can be so annoyingly distasteful. Not just because of how the person who called and hung up did it, but the fact that you must have left something important to take the call. When you are just laying around you can pass it off as one of those calls but when you were busy, it takes a different shade. However, and very sadly too, when you finally pick a persistent call and the person hangs up, it just eats you up on very different levels.
    I am one of those artistes who has made his line public. I take as many calls as I can especially from those who take the pain of sending a text message first. It's not just sending a text, but adding their names. Some will call a number as late as 2am and still tell people you don't pick calls. My phone Na call Centre? Btw, when they tell those people you don't pick calls because you are feeling too big, they edit out the time they made the call. 

    In January, I met and got talking with a lady while waiting for my ride at EKO Hotel. She said she had a complaint to make about a colleague of mine. That she called him and he never called her back. So when I saw the guy I mentioned it. He told me how she calls at odd times and he did not want to pick her calls because he had sent a message to ask what she was calling about and she never replied. Me wey no like that kind thing, I quickly called her. She said she doesn't like sending texts and asked is that why he could not call back or pick his call, when she didn't reply his text. 
    I did not know what to say. There is no one, celebrity or not, who likes being hung up on. Or anyone who likes being called when they are busy. More so when who ever is calling is not familiar or already introduced. I know some will say, I should zip it. Yet those same people, will in their own level get irritated by this same thing I am About. Let's respect one another & stop taking people for granted. If I irritated you by this caption, please let me know,so I cansave you further nonsense

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