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  • I’m shocked when I read negative things about Jonathan – Oritsejafor
  • Outgoing President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, speaks with NOSA AKENZUA of Punch on his relationship with former President Goodluck Jonathan..He said 
    I’m often shocked to read on the pages of newspapers negative reports about him (Jonathan). Goodluck Jonathan is my son and he is still my son. He meant well for the nation and he did his best, but if critics say he was bad; I don’t know the parameter they measured that with. It is unfortunate that Nigeria’s governance speaks different processes, especially those termed to have failed. Nigerians see that as an avenue to pour out their anger, insults and others. Goodluck Jonathan did his best to fix Nigeria but sabotage swung into action to ensure he did not succeed. It is laughable to read so many negative and unfounded stories about him. However, he had played his role as President and the rest is history. Our relationship is still cordial and as a leader of a church, I’m the father of all.

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