Zambian woman Precious denies killing her husband, accuses her brother-in-law of being the murderer

Precious has denied killing her husband, Lubinda  and is instead accusing the deceased younger brother of being the murderer. According to the 35-year-old woman, her husband and his younger brother were home alone, and when she returned home, she found her hubby dead and a pistol on the ground. She claimed that after a few minutes, the young brother came with five police officers and arrested her. Read the full report from Zambezi Reporters' Isaac Mwanza after the cut...

Precious has dissociated herself from the murder of her husband Lubinda. She has expressed shock and disgust at reports circulating on social media linking her to the gruesome killing of her husband with whom she had 2 children with.
Speaking at woodlands police were she is currently detained, she narrated that on Tuesday evening, she together with the deceased, his brother James and her workmate melinda went out to chicagos at mandahill.
After midnight, the deceased notified her that he wanted to drop his brother in chelstone before going home and that is how he left. At around 03.00, she also left her friend at Chicago s for home . However, when she arrived, she was surprised to find her brother inlaw coming from her matrimonial home soaked in blood while carrying a bag. She also noticed that he was armed with their pistol 9mm.
A fight ensued between the two and that's how she grabbed the gun from him and he bolted. When she entered the bedroom, she discovered her husband lying bloodied on the floor. She immediately went to check on her kids. She later saw about 5 armed officers in the company of her brother in law who pointed at her as a killer.
She was arrested and police refused to hear her side of the story. She complained of police treatment who only acted on her brother inlaw story which she describes as false. She has accused the brother of having attempted to rob them of the k200 000 which they planned to pay on Wednesday on a land transaction which she suggested they keep in the house since Wednesday was a public holiday. Efforts to get a comment from the police proved futile as the phone went unanswered.
BROTHER TO THE DECEASED VERSION (As told by the Third Party)
[25/05 1:10 PM] She got home at
[25/05 1:10 PM] Like 2 in the morning
[25/05 1:11 PM] Husband and brother (my mate) were already home
[25/05 1:11 PM] Brother wasn't supposed to spend night but he felt lazy to go home so stayed the night
[25/05 1:11 PM] Husband went and opened gate for her she came in. Went to bed
[25/05 1:12 PM] Later brother just heard scream and 5 gun shots after
[25/05 1:13 PM] : He thought it was a robbery. So stayed in his room. He stood behind the door in case of anything and kept lights off.
[25/05 1:13 PM] She came to his room and said where are you Iv killed your brother and I'm going to kill you too
[25/05 1:14 PM] She walked in and he jumped on her and they struggled with the gun until he managed to let all the bullets finish firing
[25/05 1:14 PM] Then dashed to his brothers room and found dude had already died
[25/05 1:15 PM] Shot in the mouth, lower back, arm and chest
[25/05 1:15 PM] His name is Lipimile
[25/05 1:15 PM] You know Lee I'm sure. Big Fat dude
[25/05 1:16 PM] Uhm, as of now, not known mwe
[25/05 1:16 PM] But they found 236,000 cash in the crib
[25/05 1:16 PM] So looks like she wanted to plug the own and claim it was a robbery
[25/05 1:17 PM] But brother spent a night which he wasn't supposed to so that complicated her plan
[25/05 1:17 PM] That's why she let maid go to execute the plan
[25/05 1:17 PM] Both worked for Banc abc