How To Seduce Your Woman


With Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny

This post is strictly for Married People. Today is Environmental, I hope you and your wives are not out of bed yet?
1. Seducing your wife starts from the moment you wake up in the morning. If you are a sleepy head, then after getting out of bed hold your woman while she is into some work or simply kiss her on the forehead with a beautiful smile. If you can wake up early, then prepare a nice breakfast before she gets up.
2. While you leave for your work give her a sweet hug accompanied by a cute smooch or kiss on her cheeks or her lips.

3. Surprise her with your lovely text “I Love You”.. or “I wanna kiss you” . Women love to get surprise texts from their husbands, as this make them realize that you are still romantic.

4. Communicate with your wife , ask her what makes her happy, or about her day’s work, her best memories. Make her feel that you really wanna know about her more deeply.

5. Appreciate your wife, give her nice compliments like “You make me feel so special”.. “You have transformed my life..”, these lines normally touches every woman.

6. You can send some horny or sensuous texts like “I wanna explore you body tonight..” or “I wanna see you naked tonight..” . However, it’s good to put some efforts early rather striving hard after nightfall.
7. Plan out a dinner reservation, make it simple but romantic with few red roses or you can just blind fold your wife after dinner at home, with a surprise bedroom with candle lights, scented sticks or perfumes along with a bowl of strawberries and cream .

8. Make romantic eye contact with your wife while she is cooking or busy in any household work. This can be a real indicator for her that you want to make love with her.

9. Cuddle with your wife while you both watching TV , or just simply hold her romantically.

10. Wear something blue , be it blue shirt or blue t-shirt. Women love their men in blue.

11. Play with her hair or run your fingers through her hair.

12. Apply perfume that drives her crazy mostly , or that she loves when you wear it.

13. Give her a body massage with scented oil, touch her entire body slowly and sensuously. You really need to go slow. Watch her weakest point where she loses it all, apart from her sex triggering parts.

14. Get to know your wife, what she loves on bed. Some might get shy, but one or two wine glasses can help you, if you want it all alcohol free ask her what she loves regarding sex giving her a sensuous body massage . That might work in wonders.

15. Kissing at neck, a little tease in ear, kissing at shoulder and back definitely turns every woman. But remember make it slow.

16. Press your body against her body while you give her a massage or trying to seduce her.
Rub your fingers sensuously on her back. However, you can accidentally touch and tease her in her genital areas .

17. While kissing her neck, you could grab her ass. Some women like it rough, however watch it how your woman responds to it. If she is good, go ahead.

18. Women like to be handled effortlessly by their man. Lift her or hold her strong so that she feels extra secure in your hands and shoulder .

19. There’s another amazing trick of kissing, which will make your woman beg for more.
Give her a short but passionate French kiss. Remember hold her from her waist tight and the kiss should be short . Then repeat it but tease her while you kiss.

20. Next morning, be sure to leave her a romantic note or some orchids with your poem know how much you enjoyed your quality time with her. You would definitely never want her to think you were only trying out to get in her pants.

Try this!