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  • I Can't Go Nude For A Million Dollar - Super Model Sandra Onyinye

  • Reportnaija caught up with gorgeous super model Sandra Onyinye, she took us down the memory lane on how she began her modelling career and the support she's getting from her loved ones.

    Read interview below..

    May we meet you?

    My names are Sandra Onyinye Uzuh ...

    What is your profession?

    I'm a student and also a super model

    What kind of model are you?
    I am a commercial, glamour and tv model
    So How has the modelling business being so far?

    The modelling business has been so nice and great ... Alot of competition in the industry but i bless God today
    Are your parents supportive of your career?

    Yes they are in support
    When did you decided to be a model?

    I have always wanted to be a model since my tender age

    Wow.. that's lovely, I think I have seen you in some music videos, Are you still a video vixen?
    Yes but i'm dropping it soon to become a nollywood actress

    Why do you want to drop it?

    Nothing much i just choose to do so...

    Video vixens are always portrayed as Runs Girl, What Do You Have To Say About That?
    I think they are just trying to criticize vixens because i did not think so ....Vixen is part of modelling and not runs girls ....

    Do you have any fitness routine?
    Yes i do work out  every morning nd evening  at least 2hrs .... every day

    How do you see the modelling industry in Nigeria?
    It's very cool but i think we need upgrade a little here in Nigeria .....

    Upgrade in which area?
    So many areas like models getting a job that pays them and get them motivated ....

    What is your greatest achievement as a model?
    I will say am still working to achieve greater things

    What do you have to say about beauty pageants in Nigeria?
    Well i love pageants alot but here in Nigeria, alot of partiality are on it .... organizers trying to become millionaires through that .....
    What is the most cherished part of your body?
    My face and my boobs

    You said you were a student earlier on can you tell us the tertiary institution you school?
    I school in university of lagos (UNILAG)

    Which Department?
    Business administration department ..

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
    That's deep.. but i see my self as an ambassador of so many brands and companies and also role model to the up coming models

    Are you in a relationship?
    Yes i am ....

    And your man is supportive also?
    Yes very very supportive
    So can you go NUDE?
    No i can't

    Even for a million dollars?
    I can't

    What is your most treasured accessories?
    Hmmm .... My most treasured accessories Now is the bag my uncle bought for me from London some months back..

    Which photographers have you worked with?
    I have worked with so many Nigerian photographers ... spotlight

    Can you name a few?
    Spotlight ,  Ahmed more, Image nation and few others...

    Which Celebrity photographer would you like to work with?
    Deola Sage

    You are currently the cover model for The Model Magazine how was the experience?
    It was so nice working with them and it improve more of my knowledge as a model

    Tell us about your sleek contract?
    I am sorry i don't think i can review my contract details online.

    Any word for upcoming models hoping to breakthrough?
    Yes i advice models to be focus and put more effort ,devote there time if truly they want to make something out of modeling world.
    Thanks for your time.
    You are welcome


    1. Nice u can't go nude for modelling.Only frustrated individuals with poor uupbringingcan do that.Keep the good work.

    2. Wetin remain? You are nude already.