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  • "It's possible Clinton is being poisoned. I don't trust Putin and Trump" Renowned Nigerian doctor, Bennet Omalu
  • Renowned Nigerian forensic pathologist who discovered CTE, Bennet Omalu believe that Hillary Clinton's illness is suspicious.
    The US Democratic presidential candidate was diagnosed with pneumonia by her personal doctor after she fell ill at a 9/11 memorial. She was diagnosed on Friday, but her condition was not made public until Sunday. Earlier, a video posted on social media showed Clinton stumbling and her knees buckling before being helped by aides into a black van. 

    Dr. Omalu was the first to publish findings of chronic traumatic encenphalopathy. He fought against efforts by National Football League to suppress his research on the brain damage suffered by professional football players. Will Smith portrayed him in the movie "Concussion" which depicts the doctor's efforts to publicize CTE

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