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  • Maheedah Says It Wasn't Easy Going Back To Being Darked Skinned As Men See Fair Skin As Being Beautiful
  • Yesterday, Maheedah showed off her dark skin after she stopped bleaching.This morning ,she revealed her choice wasn't an easy one as most men here prefer light skinned women.However, she is ready to deal with the advantages and disadvantages that comes with being dark skinned.She wrote

    I never said it was easy coming back to being dark skin ... Coming from a land where 95% of the men there see fair skin as being fresh , clean and beautiful..... I don't blame them the grass is always greener on the other side.... So their opposite color must attract them more........ But every choice has it advantages and disadvantages ... I will enjoy the advantages that my choice brings and I will deal with any disadvantages that comes my way too ........ Lol good morning y'all!!

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