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  • PDP Blasts Oshiomhole: 'You Are A Known Pathological Liar'
  • September 10, 2016

    Press Statement

    Re:  PDP registered 8000 militants for Edo Election by Governor Adams Oshiomhole. This is false, says PDP

    The allegation by the Executive Governor of Edo state that the PDP registered 8,000 militants for the forthcoming election in the state is not only wild,   but stupid and totally unreasonable. It is another falsehood being peddled by a man known to be a pathological liar. A man who has no respect for the truth.

    In the first instance, we wish to put before Governor Oshiomhole the following pertinent questions, where  and when did the PDP register the so called militants?  Were they registered by INEC?  If not which organization registered them? Were they registered as voters or as Observers?  For what purpose?  And when did Mr Oshiomhole suddenly discovered the registration of the alleged militants?

    These are the pertinent questions Governor  Oshiomhole should answer. No perceptible person will take anything coming from Governor Oshiomhole serious given his well known reputation for fabricating lies.

    Nigerians will recall that it was the same Governor Adams Oshiomhole  who after returning from an official visit with President Buhari to the United States of America said that one American official told them while they were in the United State that over six billion dollars was found in the account of a former Nigerian Minister. Neither the President nor any other member of the official delegation said they heard any such statement. Mr Oshiomhole kept on repeating this lie until an American embassy officials had to publicly repudiate him. Yet the shameless Governor offered no public apology for misleading Nigerians.

    The lies of Oshiomhole has finally caught up with him.  After eight years of unbridled propaganda and deception, the day of reckoning is finally here. The people of Edo state now have the opportunity to remove the yoke of oppression and mismanagement. The APC has merely used this excuse to postpone the date of their final burial in Edo state. Since the party is already dead the date of its burial must surely come no matter how far they keep postponing.

    We wish to warn that Governor Oshiomhole and his cohorts must not use this lie to tamper with the Voters register, nor should it be used to embark on unwarranted arrest,  harassment and intimidation of our members in Edo state. The security agencies must recognize that their responsibilities are to the entire people of Nigeria and not only to one political party, the APC.


    Prince Dayo Adeyeye
    PDP National Publicity Secretary

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