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  • Controversial Pictures of Scantily Clad Ladies Doing it 'Rough and Dirty' at a Club House Emerge on Social Media
  • A trip to some club houses in Nigeria may force one to abandon the idea of marriage due to the spate of indecency and naughtiness flaunted by the ladies under the influence of alcohol.
    Young couple getting down 
    A club house in the South-south part of Nigeria may be overtaking its Lagos counterparts in terms of the publicized outrageous activities perpetrated under the cover of darkness and colourful lights.
    Club Joker in Benin City, Edo State is fast becoming notorious with a class of care-free ladies constantly throwing caution to the wind in the topnotch social center.
    The club house boasts of a range of opulent youths that lavish money on exotic drinks and parade expensive ladies partying strictly for the money.
    The entertainment hub has hosted several big celebrities in Nigeria ranging from the music industry, business moguls, actors and others.
    The night club boldly runs a social media page when it constantly updates hidden actions in the club to attract prospective customers.
    See more photos below:

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