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  • Emir of Kano's Daughter Princess Siddika Set To Wed
  • Princess Fulani Siddika Sanusi, daughter of Emir of Kano and his first wife, Sadiya Bayero (Giwarsarkinkano) will be getting married in December. Her sister Yusra Khadija Sanusi shared photo of the University of Brighton Law graduate on Instagram and wrote:

    "Can't believe in about two months, you'd be someone 's wife and have new siblings 😫😫😫😫. And I have to share you with more than 10 other siblings. And you 'll start lying to each of your 20 (or more) siblings that they are your "best". (BTW I know it's either me, Ashraf, Imamu, Halifa or Muhammad; the rest don't even stand a chance!) It's scary knowing I won't see you before December (but you can always come to Paris, soooo...). But it's so exciting knowing in some years, I'll have like 3 or 4 more nephews and/or nieces. I wish you all the best and Allah ya baada zaman lafiya 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾. I love you so much and I hope there 'll always be Jollof rice in your house because.... It's Jollof rice duh. And plantain chips. Ugh I miss you already - come visit me!! Thank you for being an amazing sister (for most of the time) and for being my friend whenever I need you (Because I have like 2 other friends IRL). JK. Keep being awesome and stay beautiful. I'll always love you "

     And Siddika replied :

    "Awww...My baby❤❤❤❤️I know right!!! Time is going so fast🙆🏽Lmao you know you are my favourite (Lowkey😉)It's actually just you,Ashraf and muhammad😀And yes I will try and come see you before December InshaAllah.i love you more my darling,Allah ya raya Ki ya kawo miji Na gari❤️And do not worry about jollof rice,we are rice lovers💃🏻Love Love Love you!😘😘"

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