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  • Soldiers reportedly surround Shi'ites gathering in Kaduna state
  • Soldiers in Kaduna this evening surrounded a gathering of Shi'ite Muslims in the state. According to reports, the Muslim group had disobeyed the orders of the state government banning their activities in the state. They gathered at a mosque to commemorate historical events associated with the Islamic month of Muharram that is particularly significant in the Shia calendar when they were surrounded by the soldiers.

    UK-based Islamic Human Rights Commission in a statement released this evening said
    “Shortly before the Kaduna Markaz mosque on Zango Road was encircled by armoured military vehicles carrying heavily armed soldiers and also an ambulance were among a convoy of 18 military vehicles seen nearby'‎'.
    The group last year December clashed with the Nigerian Army resulting in the death of some of its members. ‎The group's leader, Ibrahim El Zakzaky is still in DSS custody.

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