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  • Beautiful White Lady Stuns In Nigerian Attires (Photos)

  • Hi guys, I know most of you might have heard about @ellenbaby89,but there’s more to her than you might have thought.

    The truth is that this Denmark born lady is living an African life more than you.

    She is pretty, funny, humorous, cheerful sexist, and a big time philanthropist,more than the crappy celebrity charity we now seem to confer on every new celebrity comer.

    Her knowledge of Africa, her culture and her people is so unbeatable……..

    She’s multilingual, for the ones I know,

    She speaks Nigerian pidgin English, Yoruba, Igbo,yes she speaks them so fluently that I have to go under cover for the igbo part, because she almost beat me on that.

    While we are listening to Jay Z, Drake, Rhianna, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj tracks she’s busy listening to fall, tekno, psquare, flavour, timaya and the rest.

    That’s not all, she is an advocate for antiracism.

    I have tried to gather much about her, but I couldn’t find a single trace of her personal history online, I was only able to pick her real name "Ellen Nielsen".I just hope she grants me an interview.

    I went ransacking her Instagram page, all her pics are taken with blacks.

    I just have to do with her IG @ellenbaby89…..

    I ended up watching all her videos on instagram. She’s damn funny, you need to meet her, I just wish I will meet her one day……

    watch and download some of her videos here!

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