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  • I Can Pose Nude For A Million Dollars - Model Ifunanya Grant
  • ReportNaija caught up with another beautiful super model, she took us through her journey of how she became a model and her love for what she enjoys doing. 
    We also talked about the latest trending story about super model Chidinma Okeke's Lesbian Video leak, though she wasn't judgemental about the whole saga. 
    But the high point of the interview was when she said she can pose Nude for 2 million dollars. 

    Honestly speaking the picture above captivated my interest to asks her for an interview when I saw it on her IG page.

    Read the chilling interview below..

    May we meet you?
    My name is Ifunanya Grant.

    What is your profession?
    ‎I am a student and a model..  So that's basically my work right now

    What kind of model are you?

    I'm a freelance model.. It means I'm like a self employed model. I don't work for any agency. Neither do I do runways or pageantry. I'm my own manager.

    So How has the modelling business being so far?
    It's been fun.   I'm able to make money while doing what I love.. It's the best thing

    Are your parents support of your career?
    Honestly no..  But they can't stop me.

    When did you decided to be a model?
    Right from when I was a kid

    Wow.. that's lovely,  What makes you stand out from your fellow models ?
    The fact that my concept is different.
    I don't do regular shoots.. I make sure my pictures pass a message
    Cause that's what modelling is about.
    Telling a story with just one picture.

    In a Competitive industry like ours, How do you get clients?
    Well.. When people especially photographers see my pictures and like the concept they call me up.
    And since it's a part time job for now. It's good for me
    Do you have any fitness routine?

    Yeah I do work out.. Sometimes in the gym.. Most times in my room..  And I don't eat much..  And I try to be happy.. I believe that helps keep me fit

    What do you think about modelling industry in Nigeria?
    I believe runway modelling is shit. (pardon my word). It's just over rated and it's used as a medium to exploit young girls..  I'll always prefer my style of modelling anytime any day.
    ‎Though I'm not condemning runways or pageantry

    Many models seems to be against pageantry and runway, why?
    Because like I told you.. In Nigeria it's just overrated.  It's just a medium used to exploit young girls.
    Sleep with them and promise prizes that will never will be given to them.

    I know you have heard about Chidinma Okeke (2015 Miss Anambra) Cucumber Story, what do you have to say about it as a model?
    The story of her lesbian video leaking?

    ‎What do you have to say about the whole sex-tape saga and the top dogs she alleged are after her life?

    I will just say it's pathetic

    But the video wasn't photoshop right? Because at first she said it was photoshop?‎
    However it is
    It's just pathetic
    So who are you role models in the industry?
    Hmmm, Gigi Handid

    What about in Nigeria?
     Thelma Ejuh

    What is your greatest achievement as a model?
    To be whoever I want to be.

    What is the most cherished part of your body?
    My eyes.

    You said you were a student earlier on, can you tell us the tertiary institution you attend?
    Abia State University

    Which Department?
    Law,  300 level

    Law? Wow you must be a talker lolz!!
    ‎No, I'm really reserved.
    ‎Not all lawyers or law students are talkatives

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
    In 5 years..  I'll be modelling for puma by God's grace

    Hmmm!! I guess you are going for your passion intend?

    What's your height?

    With or without heels?
    Without of course

    Are you in a relationship?

    So can you go NUDE?
    Shoot nude? Yeah

    You can go nude for a million dollars?
    I basically don't see anything wrong in it so far as the picture is used to pass a useful message across to the public.
    That's really what modelling is about.
    ‎And if the nudity brings out the creativity in the picture I honestly don't mind..
    Also..  To be realistic. If I'm offered a million dollars to shoot nude  .I'll do it.  A lot of other models will definitely do although they maybe claiming to be self righteous and all and for that they will say they won't do it.
    It's not like I'm going to be prostituting or something.. It's just posing and snapping and getting money and if terms apply nobody will do to you anything you don't like or want ...
    So let's be real.. I'll do it.. Especially in this kind of economy.. Lol.. Why not?
    ‎But me,  personally and sincerely I'll do it

    What is your most treasured accessories?
    My phone.. I basically can't live without it.

    Which photographers have you worked with?
    Click24 , theseye,  tmlenz

    Which Celebrity photographer would you like to work with?
    Kelechi Amadiobi

    But why Kelechi Amadiobi?
    He's very good at his job

    You said earlier that you are you own boss, any plan to managed by an agency?
    No, Except they pay well

    Any word for upcoming models hoping to breakthrough?
    Just be real And be yourself
    ‎That's the best you can be.

    How can you be reached on social media?
    Ig - @funayacutie 
    Facebook - Iam Naya Grant

    Thanks for your time.
    It was also nice hanging out with you.

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