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  • "If only I was there to call you to order during the fracas" - Friend of ABSU graduate stabbed to death by security man (Photos)
  • Iheaka Chukwuka, a friend of the fresh ABSU graduate who was stabbed to death by a security man in Abia State, took to Facebook to pay a tribute to the model. Read what he wrote along with photos of his late friend, below:
    "If only I knew this would happen, If only I knew I would loose you so soon. If only I was there to call you to order during the Fracas. If only you hadn't gone to Absu. If only you came back that fateful Tuesday to fit your clothe which I was making before the sad news came calling.

    If only only we actually went for the fashion runway which I told you about and you promised to join me.
    I remember what you told me that you're just a phone call away. When I need your services I should call you.
    My model, My man, Oga m, Onyeisi were the names we fondly called each other whenever we see.
    Has the most craziest and attitudinal pose when in front of a camera at most giving the photographer more inspirations when giving a rare capture.
    Chai...... Maxi. I still have those shirt materials you brought to the office telling me you needed a change of wardrobe. Patiently waiting for you to come pick them......Sobs......
    The more I write, the more I cry. Since it pleases God that you leave this soon, who am I to question Him.
    Rest in Peace Maxi, my model....
    The management and Staff of Kloth-Classical Designs will surely miss you"

    The deceased popularly known as Max was killed during a heated argument between himself and a security guard. He was stabbed to death by the security guard.

    oore photo below...

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