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  • Lagos state motorists brutalized by armed men clearing traffic for their special convoy
  • Any motorist familiar with these notorious convoys on Lagos roads will attest to how people are threatened and insulted if you don't clear the way for them. Instagram user Kimela (shiwoshipiaoliang) revealed via social media that not only was she and her sister harassed and assaulted with pepper spray, but the tyres of their car were shot up. The appropriate Lagos state authorities urgently need to look into this. What she wrote after the cut..

    "While in traffic heading home tonight, a 4-car convoy consisting of a Toyota pickup, a land cruiser with plate number 115CC03, a Toyota Rav4 and a Toyota Hiace plate number MUS173AH HARASSED us because they were trying to overtake us in traffic. They sprayed pepper spray into my eyes and mouth and that of my sister as well. Then went ahead to shoot the tire of the car thereby leaving us stranded and prone to robbery at 10pm on 3rd of November. I am in so much discomfort as a result of the pepper spray that went into my eyes and was sprayed on my body," she said.

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