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  • This Abuja prophet predicted Trump's election victory, but said Trump's sent by the devil (vid)

  • In an article published in Greenbarge Reporters describing how on the 5th of May, 2016 during the Thursday Deliverance Service at the Divine Hand of God Prophetic Ministry International Abuja, the man of God Prophet (Dr) Emmanuel Omale predicted the outcome of the 2016 United States Presidential Election.

    According to the article, Prophet Omale prophesied that front-line Presidential nominee of the Republican party, Donald Trump will emerge the party’s flag bearer and go on to win the 2016 US presidential election but that he has been sent by devil to come and cause war.

    He said:

    "Christians launch serious prayers, Donald Trump will emerge winner because he is coming from the devil to bring war, and will force everyone to use the “666” mark.

    “I see confusion all over the world. I see Donald Trump, we need to pray. I see him winning the election, and he won and there was war everywhere and we are being forced to start using 666 number. There was war everywhere. We need to pray.

    “If we don’t pray I saw him winning because it is devil that is bringing him to bring war to the whole world. We shall not see war, we shall not see war!
    The service was held on Thursday May 5, the article published on May 9, and by November 9, exactly 6 months after, Donald Trump was declared the winner.

    Prophecy fulfilled? Watch the video below

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