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  • White Man Dupes Nigerian Journalist With Fake Currency(photos)

  • Nigerian radio/TV content provider,football analyst and international sports journalist Oma Akatugba has narrated how he was dubbed by a white man.According to him,he was presented a fake money while trying to change Euro to Coruna in Prague.

    'Na so I reach Prague train station while waiting to change euro to Coruna a white guy approached me to offer me more on black market'

    'I rush am sharp sharp. I noticed all the others he approached said no. Me wey be say Na black market we dey do pass for Naija'.

    'If I tell you now you go shock. White man dupe me sha. I have the taxi driver he said what money is this??

    'It's official. I have been duped by a white man. He gave me fake currency. I gave it to a taxi driver he said "what'

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