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  • Face Of Mbaise 2016 Pretty Uwakwe Releases Stunning Birthday Photos

  • Queen Pretty Uwakwe the 2016 crowned queen of Face Of Mbaise releases stunning birthday photos. Age with grace dear.

    See what she wrote below..

    Dear Mama,,
    Is about that time of the year again the very day you went through pain's just to have me😵 I believed u must v gone through the worst through out your preggy days with me and on this special day I came forth...

    Mama I want to say a very big thank you coz your one of a kind.. A gift from above.. My first true love you ignored all the pains I put you through coz u loved me unconditional my super woman..
    You know I can't celebrate my day without telling the world how amazing you are.. You have a heart of gold... I go to the market I see all the fine fine things I will buy for you then I remembered your no more I cry inside me,, mummy if only you will see me now your little girl v grown so much.. I love you still I miss you still n to Dad you left us with I will go to the end of the world to put a smile on his face.. I will make u proud even though ur up there...
    My guardian angel if there's anything like reincarnation pls come to me I promise I will take care of you.. We love n will forever miss u Mummy!!

    Happy Birthday to me...
    God's blessings n protection is all I ask.😮

     see more photos below..

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