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  • Elderly woman accused of witchcraft is beaten mercilessly & stoned in church by members (Video)
  • A video showing the moment an elderly woman was brutally beaten and stoned by youths of the Apostolic Gospel Church on accusation of witchcraft has emerged.

    According to the story told by a Facebook user, Sam Itauma, the church members claim that while they were having their youth vigil a bird fell into the Apostolic Gospel Church then turned into this old woman.

    In the video which is painful to watch, the woman is surrounded by church members who scream at her and call her a witch while whipping her. One of them can be heard asking her, "What did you come here to do? Who sent you here?"

    As the woman tried to escape, she was stopped by the congregation. At some point they began to rebuke her and started chanting in unison, calling down the fire of the holyghost to burn her. The height of it all was when a church member threw a stone at her when she tried to escape.

    See the sad video below if you have the heart.

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