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  • Homeless man's life transformed by a good samaritan in Lagos
  • This is a story shared by a Facebook user, Ifeanyi Odiaka who completely transformed a homeless man's life in Lagos. Below is Ifeanyi's post on his facebook.
    "Guys, meet my new friend, Ola. I saw him sleeping on a bridge earlier this week on my way to work. The next day,  as I drove past, I stopped and parked beside him to have an interaction with him. He told me his name and said he has been living that way for quite some time as things have been hard. I told him I would be in touch and hurried for work. The following day, I stopped by again to have a chat and also gave him something for lunch.
    This morning, I woke up very tired due to a very stressful week. But one thing remained on my mind.... Ola!. And so, I got dressed and dashed out to see him again. This time around, I knew it was not just going to be about giving money for lunch. I was determined to allow God use me to turn his life around and place him on a path to a destiny designed by God.
    I got to where he was, and with a smile he greeted me. I told him, "Ola, come into my car let me go clean you up". With a mixture of fear and excitement, he hopped in.
    And so the journey to Ola's destiny began. He had a good bath, got him new clothes, he ate and took him to the hospital for a complete and comprehensive  medical checkup. One of the most moving moment was after he had his bath and looked all fresh and clean like wizkid 😊,  I asked him what he was going to do with his old and dirty clothes, he responded "ha!, I will throw them away sir". Jesus, I almost wept.
    I am sharing this story not to get facebook likes or brag, but to as I have always done in the past, inspire someone and challenge us.... To challenge the Christians and challenge the young and the old, to challenge the rich and the poor... To challenge politicians.... To challenge the pastors and church goers to get out of their comfort zones and reach out. People are suffering out there. A little time and effort from us can make a whole lot of difference. A lot of us turn our eyes the other way when we see those struggling. You don't loose anything helping people around, instead you gain something quite unexplainable and heavenly. Once again, I challenge us.
    So, certainly Ola is not going back to that bridge he called home. A new and wonderful beginning has begun for him. 
    God bless as you reach out."
    An accommodation was gotten for Ola by Ifeanyi and he is doing very well now.
    This is a truly inspirational story, hopefully we all get inspired too.

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