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  • Like Buhari, I Inherited A Mess - Donald Trump

  • In a move reminiscent of the Buhari administration’s penchant for blaming his administration’s under-performance on his predecessor, American President Donald Trump has said that the “mess” he inherited from the Barack Obama administration is responsible fir the crisis engulfing his young administration.

    Critics however describe this as an attempt to shift blame for not having a full grasp of governance.

    In a bid to extricate himself from an alleged ties to Russia which many believed aided his victory at the November 2016 presidential election, Trump on Thursday dismissed reports that his presidency is unconventional and unconstrained.

    Insisting that his new administration is not a chaotic operation but a “fine-­tuned machine,” he declared that any perceived challenges were not his fault.

    “To be honest, I inherited a mess,” he said.

    Giving himself a pass mark, President Trump declared, “There has never been a presidency that has done so much in such a short period of time.

    “And we haven’t even started the big work yet. That starts early next week.”

    In order to endear his flailing administration to his countrymen, Trump alleged that his Electoral College victory was the largest since Ronald Reagan’s.

    However, a reporter at the press conference corrected him, duly informing him that he actually won fewer Electoral College votes than three of the four presidents since Ronald Reagan.

    These are his predecessor, Barack Obama; Bill Clinton and George Bush.

    President Trump brushed it off with a terse, “I was given that information,” effectively passing the buck to his staff.

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