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  • Man shoots his neighbour for looking at his wife
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    A jealous husband was filmed in a 45 seconds video, shooting his neighbour who he accused of looking at his wife.

    The dark haired shooter, who wore a brown t-shirt, was shouting and gesticulating at his victim, who had a denim jacket on.

    The incident happened in Chimalhuac√°n, State of Mexico, in Mexico.

    It was gathered that the men always had a row of argument before the shooting.

    In the video, the victim who is accused of looking at the other man’s wife, asked why he would do that when he has a wife of his own.

    The shooter then pulls a gun from his pocket,while the man who got shot said;  “Do you think I'm afraid of you? Do you think that because you come with a pistol? No, you do not scare me.”

    He then got shot, while the camera follows the shooter as he walks away.


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