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  • North Korea denies Kim Jong-nam assassination,claims it was a heart stroke
  • North Korea angrily denied assassinating Kim Jong-nam ,claiming he had died of a 'heart stroke'.

    In their first official statement on the murder of leader Kim Jong-un's brother, the state's media blamed Malaysia for his death.
    North Korea's official agency KCNA gave its report on the death of the 'playboy prince'.

    It described him as

    "a citizen of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea travelling on a diplomatic passport." who died due to "a heart stroke", adding that poisoning claims were false, with Malaysia part of an "anti-DPRK conspiratorial racket launched by the South Korean authorities".
    Carrying out a post mortem on Jong-nam without state permission was "a wanton human rights abuse and an act contrary to human ethics and morality", it added.

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