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  • Photos: "I was begging for my life" Businessman narrates how he was shot and kidnapped at Epe Town,Lagos
  • A young businessman identified as one Jonathan Aguveso, from Delta State was shot and kidnapped at Elisha Farm in Igbodu area of of Epe, Ikorodu, Lagos. He was released on the sixth day after his family paid the sum of N500k ransom to the kidnappers. He is currently receiving treatment at a hospital in Sango Otta.

    After the cut is a report by Ettu Mohammed on the incident & alarming rate of kidnapping in the area

    This was brought to my notice today. I would like to bring to your notice happenings in epe town in ikorodu, which the Nigerian police have been covering. Kidnapping in epe has been come so rampant that they kidnap every week.

    Its the farmers that have been falling victim here. Just two days ago 7 people were kidnapped in igbodu area of epe.

    A farm manager, attendants and the security guard. The only time you hear of kidnap been publicised is when a rich man or children of the rich are kidnapped. Kyari comes to their rescue. What happens to the masses.

    Please help us make this public and let the appropriate authorities be aware including Lagos state govt.
    We have close to 8 check points on that axis all they do is extort money on the main road abandoning the creeks.
    I have pics evidence of a shot victim. We need urgent help. I prefer to remain anonymous if posted. Attached is a picture of a victim

    My name is Jonathan aguveso, I am a businessman who buys and distribute farm produce here in Lagos state I am from Delta State.

    On the 19th of January, I left home to buy egg at Elisha Farm in igbodu. I drove to the farm on getting to the farm I noticed activities was grounded no one in sight.

    I went back to my car, started the car ignition and I heard a loud bang on my door glass bullet ripped thru my elbow/Arm and I lost control of my car and hit a culvert or a wall which I can't remember.
    it was dawn to me I was in trouble, my arm was broken, i was bleeding profusely. 6 men approached me opened the door ,they took my car particulars, another opened my booth and another ransacked my car where I had about N305k and another N70k.

    I was begging for my life I was too weak to even talk again. Three of these kidnappers led me into the forest and they treated my hand with native drugs and tied my hand, on the way I heard two more gunshot.

    Later I noticed they brought three other victims a lady was among. 2 were taken from Tanda Farm and the other was the manager of Elisha Farm. We were taken to the creek and the following day they contacted our families and a price tag of N15m was placed on each of us.
    The negotiations and begging started as If we were goats. On the 6th day a sum of N500k was agreed on my head.

    We were all released on the 24th late in the evening.

    Meanwhile this matter had been reported to Agbowa Police Station Itokin Ikorodu on the 19th of January 2017.
    We could not secure police report that night but the DPO advised we should go to any hospital for treatment that night.

    On the 25th of January i was admitted to Safeway Hospital Sangotedo.

    They treated me but they had no specialist for orthopedic we sought transfer and we were referred to Epe General Hospital but based on advise and for the fact that my hand was infected as a result of the 6days we stayed with the Kidnappers and we went to Faith Specialist hospital Sango Otta were we are at present.
    I have spent my little capital for my business on my health, I call on Lagos State govt to look into my case as I am presently in dilemma.

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