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  • What beef!!!? Georgina Onuoha showers Kemi Olunloyo's son with prayers
  • Controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo today shared photos with her son, Enitan Robert to celebrate him as he turned 30.

    Georgina Onuoha has put their beef aside to pray for Kemi's son! She posted the same photos Kemi posted with her son and wrote;

    "Isn't it amazing that a woman who is quick to curse other people's children when she can't face their mom be lavishing such praise on her own kids.
    I could use this day to curse your child with Amadioha and Chukwu bi ni gwe to strike him dead and wish him all you wished my kids!!!
    But you know scum??
    I will bless your child rather
    May the heavens watch and protect him for you
    May the sun rise to meet him
    May God cause strangers to bless
    May the sins of his mother never be melted on him.
    May the doors of heaven and blessings from above continue to keep him for you.
    He will live to his full potential
    Where others fail, he will excel
    Like his name implies Enitan.. so shall it be herald on the lips of Men.
    He will grow gray to bury you, his children will call you grandma and teach love.
    All the places you failed in life, he shall excel beyond measures.
    He will heal every wound you've open and mend every bridge for you.
    For his sake, God will grant you wisdom and give you many years..
    He will live to lead his generation and be a viable member of the world. This and many more blessings I pray for him on his 30th birthday. God bless him..
    Can someone please say Amen.."

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