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  • Whistle-blower calls out man with 10-Gwagons, owner reacts
  • Whistle-blower calls out man with 10-Gwagons, owner reacts So, over the weekend, a video went viral online. The video was leaked by an unknown Whistle-blower claiming that this man owns 10 G-Wagons.
    This video shows 10 Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUVs in a building. Just so you know, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV has a starting price of $122,400 for G550 SUV and AMG G65 SUV $220,400.

    LIB has been digging and found the alleged owner to be Prince Adeshina Adebiyi who owns Unique Motors who has explained himself saying,
     'this is to inform the general public that Unique Motors, a reputable car dealer in Lagos has been falsely associated with a rather distasteful claim going around all over the internet, and also published by some online media platform that Unique Motors purportedly owns some 10G wagon SUV cars.
    To clear the air, this video shows a car lot belonging to Unique Motors where it showcases it's products to the clients. In addition , Unique Motors help its clients with various maintenance, upgrade and reselling of these cars when needed. With this video making rounds, we are concerned about the adverse effect this will have on our clients scattered all over the globe knowing the huge damage it will have on our business.

    We hereby refute the claim by this supposed whistle blower that the video is false and the video and images must have been taken from a potential client who came to our car lot for inspection'. His lawyers have also written to some blogs to take down the posts. see screenshots after the cut...

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