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  • For Gays and Lesbians by Charly Boy
  • This is an article written by Area father, Charly Boy. Read on...
    My life has been one Big fight, I have battled a lot of principalities, I never backed down.I battled for the rights of the Okada's to make a living. I battled for the rights, respect and the big money for the Nigerian Musician, I spent 3weeks in the cell. Today they have a better life. 
    I battled for the non payment of aged elderly military pensioners,
    who were dying in their hundreds, I was beaten black and blue by
    the military, locked up for thirty days, just to mention a few.
    Now I have chosen to fight for the rights of gays and lesbians.

    My people, 
    Building bridges takes us further than building walls.
    With no shame but a heart filled with pride,
    I do declare that I'm a proud supporter of many Rights. 
    POLYGAMYRIGHTS #WOMENs RIGHTS, and Charlyboys fucking right to 
    say how I feel.
    Do you know that It takes no compromise to give people their rights,
    it takes no money to truly respect an individual. 
    It takes no political deal to give people freedom. 
    It takes no probe panel to remove repression, oppression, frustration
    Hailings, love, fondness to all my Misunderstood; Stereotyped and Societally Blackmailed friends including gays..and lesbians.  😍muha muha muha!!!❤
    Love you all. Like kilode.
    There are so many qualities that make up a decent human being... 
    I have been privileged to meet people with very beautiful souls
    Sensitive, caring and love filled human beings.
    Straight or Gay, what people do with their private parts in their privacy,
    is probably so low on my list that it is irrelevant.
    All you  holier than thou nigerian Christian/Moslems,
    I suppose you know say, your morality is not law
    What does religion/spirituality mean if we would use it as a cover 
    for our hate games. 
    I want you to Understand that, if my friends decide to have sex whether safe, 
    safer, or unsafe, it is their decision and you have no rights in 
    their lovemaking.
    In fact, if I were to secretly film/broadcast many straight people making love?
    the world at large will faint with surprise and horror.
    Nigerians go burn thief wey steal N1,000. Hail armed political robbers wey destroy their future; Nigerians go carry Gay matter for Head and at the same time doing exactly the opposite of what the Bible and Quran Teaches, see fake people.
    Una mumu never Do?
    Who am I to tell you if being gay is right or wrong? Who am I to say if its a choice, decision or some sickness? When I am just human, who sins everyday and comes short of the Glory of God times without number.
    So, Before you throw that one stone, before you make that one hateful remark, before you heat up the blogoshphere with your useless and hateful comment. Just know that there are many youths out there who are confused, Depressed and contemplating suicide, simply because of their sexuality. Someone is suffocating, choking & breathless. someone somewhere is hating himself/herself, and everyone else around him/her for being so different. It might be me, you, or someone close to you, for all we know, love is the greatest of all. Before anything else, let love lead!!!
    This is dedicated to all those who are deferent, who are misunderstood.

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