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  • Music: Papy Shankar - Otito

  • Ayo Peters a.k.a Papy Shankar (the Amuludun) is an artist of international

    class & quality, who has built for himself a reputation of experience and

    expertise spanning over a decade by performing in many shows around the

    country. He has undergone tutoring, auditioning/criticisms and has worked in

    the shadows as an intern under the tutelage of well seasoned artist and

    producers alike at different base and studios. Shankar has 3 singles and one

    album to his credit, featuring Paul Play IK Dairo on vocals and Orlando Julius

    on sax in the 1 st single titled “This is the Shankar” His 2 nd single from his 1 st

    album was produced by the legendary producer Ojbjezeel, titled “Ope”

    Shankar loves his nation Nigeria, Africa and humanity in general and his

    versatility cuts across different kinds of music genres, his work is inspired by a

    call to “Speak the heart of God unto men” which led to his 3 rd single “Otito”

    sequenced at Elate Beats studios for the much anticipated “Awake Nigeria to

    National Rebirth” project under the platform of “Shankar Trust Foundation” an

    (NGO into Nation Building).

    The song otito came due to the socio political instability the Nigeria state has

    being plunged and described the various ways in which truth and justice are

    being perverted and offers truth as the only way out of the quagmire, delivered

    in a traditional apala style on a modern hip hop feel the song has started ruling

    all the air waves and has become a good club banger any day.

    The name shankers which is an acronym meaning (show humanity all

    necessary kindness and respect), came about due to, Shankar’s involvement

    in charitable works and clamour for human dignity and respect. Today going

    by his modest achievements, Shanker is one of the most respected and

    sought after artiste in the Nigeria music industry, he has rose through the

    ranks to become a good producer, arranger, crusader and a world class

    artiste of international repute.

    He is a member of (prosan) professional singers association of Nigeria and

    studied social development and administration from the university.


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