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  • Naked female clown spotted strolling by river
  •  Neighbors have been left baffled by the eye-popping sighting of a female clown strolling around naked in broad daylight.

    The mystery woman was spotted walking by the River Severn in Worcester near to the city centre on Sunday,Daily Mirror reports..Shocked Judith Porter, 46, managed to take a picture of the bizarre scene as she walked her dog at 9am.She said

     "I was enjoying a nice stroll with my dog Bobby when I was shocked by the sight of a naked clown.
    "This isn't the first time I have seen this clown, she appears on the odd Sunday mornings.

    "The sightings disturb my usual walk along the scenic bridge in Worcester.
    "The clown in this instance walks across the bridge and seemed to be walking to the Cathedral only then to turn around.
    "The clown seemed to have a vacant expression and said nothing.
    "I wonder if other people have also spotted the clown and why she has not been arrested.
    "The blonde haired woman in the photo was as shocked as I was."

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