Tension in America as the White House is Placed on Lockdown Following Bomb Threat...See Details

America's seat of power, the White House, has been placed on locked down after suspicious items were spotted in its vicinity.
The White House
A The Sun UK report has revealed that the White House is on lockdown after a “suspicious package” was discovered with the Secret Service currently investigating.
Secret Service agents cleared all media and visitors from the North Lawn, with snipers seen roaming the Presidential property.
The U.S Secret Service said: “Secret Service investigating suspicious package near White House grounds. Road closures in effect.”
Journalist Andrew Feinberg had earlier tweeted: “White House on lockdown at 10:25am for a ‘suspicious package’ per Secret Service Uniformed Division office.”
Roads around the building have also been closed, according to NBC reporter Peter Alexander.
Some members of the White House Press Corps appear to have been locked inside the press room as the Secret Service investigate.
They were issued with a “shelter in place” warning which has now been lifted.
The Secret Service later said it had established a security perimeter and that members of the public and the media were being moved to a safe distance.
It was also reported that snipers could now be observed roaming the property and the North Lawn has been cleared.
The lockdown was instigated just hours before the morning press briefing with Sean Spicer.
A Secret Service spokeswoman has told Reuters that a man has been taken into custody by the Secret Service after he approached the White House with a suspicious package.
A Secret Service officer patrols the north lawn at the White House in Washington
The service’s official Twitter account then posted a picture of a car with the statement: “Suspicious package investigation continues; suspect in custody!”
Journalist Trey Yingst tweeted that the man allegedly arrested by the Secret Service had a warrant out for his arrest and a bomb robot is being sent out to investigate the package.
Fox News reports that the male suspect was outside the grounds when he told officers he had a bomb in his bag.
Their is currently no word on President Trump’s whereabouts but he has been tweeting, posting from his @POTUS account: “The failing @NYTimes would do much better if they were honest!”
The Donald was expected to sign an executive order that will suspend, rescind or flag for review more than a half-dozen measures introduced by the Obama administration to combat climate change.
A Secret Service official says an explosive ordinance team was on the scene this morning to examine the package about a block from the White House.
A security perimeter was established near the White House grounds, but Secret Service officials say all other West Wing activity is proceeding normally and now all road restrictions relating to thei incident have been lifted.
The investigation comes after two recent fence-jumping incidents at the White House.
A California man was charged with jumping the fence while carrying two cans of Mace. And a woman from Washington state got tangled up in her shoelaces trying to jump the fence last week.