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  • ‘My dad’s dancing skills earned him the nickname Jackson’ – Sina Rambo
  • Adeleke
    In 2012, pop sensation, Davido, hit the limelight with his hit song, ‘Dami Duro.’ With this song, he wormed his way into the hearts of the Nigerian music lovers. However, in the chorus of the song, he made a statement referring to the dance step of a certain ‘Baba Shina Rambo’ but not many people got the hint till Senator Ademola Adeleke won the bye-election to become the representative of the Osun-West senatorial district recently.
    The senator, who is Davido’s uncle, is the father of Nigerian singer, Sina Rambo. Shortly after his victory, the Nigerian internet space produced video footage of the senator giving some hot dance steps during his campaign and a ‘victory dance’ when he won the election.
    PUNCH reached out to his son, Sina Rambo, who is currently in the United States about his father’s dancing steps and he said his father has been dancing since the 80s.
    He said,

    “When the spirit of the Lord comes upon my heart, I will dance like David danced. Ashamed? I cannot be embarrassed with the way my father danced. Look, my father will not change for anything! He’s been dancing since the 80s or why do you think they call him Jackson?”
    The singer said that his father is probably the best dancer in their house; he disclosed that even though he has tried to compete with him on several occasions, his father always won the dance competition.
    “Trust me at every family party, we dig it out but he ends up winning because he just never stops. Jackson! Baddest,” he said.
    The singer was quick to add that even though his father is a fantastic dancer, he is also a man of wisdom.
    “But don’t be misled; he is a man of extreme wisdom who knows how to conduct himself at all times. There is time to celebrate and there is time to work. I’m sure he will definitely do a great job serving his country to the best of his ability,” Sina Rambo said.
    The singer also took the opportunity to explain why he adopted the name Sina Rambo despite being linked with a notorious robber who terrorised Nigeria in the 80. He said the name has not in any way affected his brand negatively.
    “Actually it started as a joke. Growing up in the 90s in Nigeria, there was a popular bandit bearing the name Shina Rambo. My name is Sina, so we joked about it a lot till the name stuck and when it was time to record my songs, I felt it just made sense because it caught people’s attention including Davido who loved it. Many people tried to tell me to change it but Davido insisted that I should not change the name.”

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