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  • Osimiri By Glory Ada

  • Demons!" I screamed as i jerked up from sleep, gathering the sheet like a shield , I let the tears roll down my cheeks like the Osimiri river, "Osimiri" i shudder as I mutter.
      The bang on my door resumes, it must be Mama and Nneoma, my only family alive. I take a glance at the room, fear , churning my heart.
    The bang on my door continues, I gather enough courage to stand, walking tip toed, like I didn't want to awaken the Devil, i got to the door and open it. The wave of fresh air that comes from the open door hits me very hard, only then do I realize I am naked, stack naked.
    "Nne'm , Chineke" My Mama cries as she walks inside and grabs me into her arms, she is shaking badly, I can feel her pain, raw.
      "Mama, they came, they came" I say in between sobs, my heart , torn. This is the first time the attack has left me naked.
      "Mama, I want to marry, I cannot serve Osimiri" I say again, shaking in Mama's arm.
      "Why did they choose you?" My Mama asks, her questions are now rhetorical, they have been repeated and over emphasized, we no longer consider them questions..
      "Will I die?" I ask, for the first time. The thought of death flashed through my mind, peace could only come with my death.
      "Tufiakwa" My Mama says, forcing a heart wrenching smile.
    "Kosiso died" Nneoma at last speaks, in her voice, I can sense a hint of painful loss, I turn to look at her, she would be next once I die..
    "I want a normal life, no one can help me!!" I scream at myself, I think I was telling myself to end it, and I did.
    I turn around and run straight into the kitchen, I feel there is a force with me, Mama and Nneoma are too shaken to chase after me.
    I pick up a knife and put it through my heart without a thought.
        "Take my soul now , Osimiri" I scream widely as I fall. As my eyes close, I see Mama and Nneoma running but never reaching me. I see Osimiri's head laughing scornfully at me.
    "Demons!" I mutter.

    Written by Duruem Gory Ada

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