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  • 86-year-old thief, who operated for 60 years, gets released from jail

  • An 86-year-old woman, who stole about $2million in jewelry over the last six decades, is finally a free woman again.
    On Friday, Dorian Payne was released from jail after a DeKalb Superior Court judge revoked her probation and threw out the latest charge against the woman, according to the sheriff’s office and her attorney.
    ‘There was not enough new evidence on the new arrest,’ the attorney, Marissa Goldberg, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
    ‘She’s free.’
    Dorian Payne was arrested at a Walmart in Chamblee, Georgia, in July after she allegedly took $86.22 in merchandise from the pharmacy, electronics and grocery departments, according to Chamblee police.

    DailyMail reports that Payne was already serving 120 days of house arrest, part of in March for admittedly stealing a necklace from Von Maur at Perimeter Mall in 2016.
    She was additionally served three years probation and was banned from shopping in any mall in DeKalb County.
    Payne’s style is dressing in fine clothes with deep pockets and charming sales associates at high-end department stores, all the while distracting them and taking jewelry.
    She has used 32 aliases, 10 birth dates, 11 Social Security numbers and nine names on passports.
    Her life as a thief starting in her 20s was subject of a 2013 documentary, The Life and Crimes of Doris Payne.

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