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  • Army harassment in Abia - @chimaanyaso speaks
  • The Aba born billionaire businessman and South East Chairman of Nigerian Young Professionals Forum (NYPF) @chimaanyaso has this to say concerning the ongoing Military operations in his home state Abia.

    I have observed with a deep sense of sadness the unfortunate show of force, brut and intimidation by the Nigerian Military in the South East particular Abia State. The operation Python Dance II is ill timed, ill motivated and highly provocative. We see no justification for this unprovoked brazen military invasion of the very peaceful South East region by the Nigeria Army most of whom have been reported to be of a particular ethnic stock

    The Federal government under President Muhammadu Buhari has said severally that Nigeria's Unity is not negotiable yet we have seen no genuine steps towards peacefully addressing the many agitations of the Youths and the component units that make up this entity called Nigeria. The Federal government have treated with negligence the complains  of marginalization from several groups, dismissing cogent concerns of well meaning Nigerians as mere political opposition. From lopsided appointments to culpable ignominy of the victims of herdsmen violence across the country agitations are rife. 

    The deployment of Military and display of heavy artillery in the South East and the over militarization of the region at this point suggests that the government of the day holds no value for the region. At such a point when South East elders, Youth Leaders and Political leaders have engaged the leadership of IPOB in talks towards finding a lasting solution to the agitations, is this military invasion not an attempt to destroy our efforts? 

    We therefore join eminent and well meaning Nigerians who have spoken out to condemn this illegal military operations and call for the immediate halt of operation Python Dance ii and the withdrawal of troops from the South East region forthwith. 

    God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria 
    God bless Nigerian Youths 

    Dr Chima Desmond Anyaso 
    Chairman NYPF South East zone

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