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  • Germany based Nigerian man loses €85,000(N34million) – all his life savings for over eight years he has been living in Dutchland to ‘Lagos wharf rats’
  • wharf rats
    A Nigerian, Chinedu Onyebuchi who is based in Bremen, Germany has reportedly lost all his life savings for over eight years he has been living in Dutchland. He alleged that €85,000 which is about N34million hidden inside a luggage was stolen at The Nigeria Wharf.
    Chinedu Onyebuchi was very sad when he narrated the whole story to Diaspora Reporters. According to him, the luggage where the money was hidden was shipped to Lagos, Nigeria via a Volkswagen golf wagon which has motor engine parts and some used items in it.
    He was shocked and almost passed out when his Agent Mr Sunday Anayo told him that his consignment has been vandalised  by port miscreants otherwise known as wharf rats. He didn’t believe the story at first not until he got to the wharf that was when it was dawned on him that what he least expected has happened.
    The circumstances surrounding the purported incident is still unclear as our reporters are working hard to unravel the true state of the matter.
    However, what prompted Chinedu to transport such a huge sum and how he came into the country is still unclear as at the time of filing this report.
    We were made to understand that he wanted to use the money in building a shopping complex in Ajangbadi a suburb of Lagos. It has been a big challenge for the port authority to get rid off port touts known as wharf rats. Once they suspect a vehicle that has some expensive items inside what they do  is that they look for a way to either open the door or in some cases they break the glass to enable them have access.
    Source: Diaspora Reporters

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