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  • Kenyan Model, Vera Sidika Escapes Humiliation after Ex-boyfriend Allegedly Sent Thugs to Beat Her Up in Lagos Nightclub
  • Vera Sidika luckily escaped being beaten by thugs allegedly sent by her ex-boyfriend who she has been in a serious fight with on social media after breaking up.
    Kenyan socialite, Vera Sidika
    Kenyan socialite, Vera Sidika was saved from being assaulted by thugs allegedly sent by her ex-boyfriend she fell out with after serious verbal spat on social media.
    Giving more details about the incident, Vera Sidika wrote on Snapchat.
    "Thank God for police escort and a great person beside me. I’m blessed..i’m and sound. Son of a bitch sending boys to beat me up at a club. U must be saying she is lucky nah, i’m blessed..i will just sit & watch karma deal with you.
    "The boys u sent were very nice to me cos of the respect they have for the person i was with and they told him everything. exposed all your details and plan.They even called you in front of him to tell you they can’t do the job again!FOOL!
    "You couldn’t harm me in Dubai cause you know its straight to jail! But because you believe Nigeria has no law. You thought to yourself sent boys to club to beat me. Oh boy ! u forgot i had police escort."

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