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  • ‘My bum is badder than Nicky Minaj’s. If I continue to shake it I will break the internet’ – Anita Joseph

  • Nollywood super talented diva, Anita Joseph, has been in Nollywood for a while and has probably seen all there is to see as far as the Nigerian make-believe world is concerned.
    When you say sexiest in Nollywood, it is almost impossible to count them all off your fingers without Anita making the cut. What more? Anita Joseph has tantalised us for so long with her killer curves, that, expecting anything new from her is almost out of the question.
    But how wrong we are. It appears she isn’t done from getting our eyes popping out. Couple of days ago, Anita and another Nollywood actor, Charles Okocha pulled a fast one on us with a post that showed Anita twerking away like never before while Charles stood around, rapping and miming some gibberish, pointing to Anita’s romping bum. It was a wild one and comments ran just as wild.
    Well, the actress cum singer has once told Vanguard in an Interview that her ass is “Bombastic” and she may well be reminding us that it is as good as ever, especially with competition springing up everyday with some wannabe ‘bum shakers’ in the industry.
    When Potpourri quizzed her over the mad video, she simply replied, “ I have passed that level, if I continue to do that I will break the internet. Anyway, just to remind you, my bum is badder than Nicky Minaj’s.”

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