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  • Aare Gani Adams To Obas: Give Native Religion Equal Attention You Give Other Religions
  •  Aare Gani Adams To Obas: Give Native Religion Equal Attention You Give Other Religions
    The Aare Ona Kakanfo designate, Dr Gani Adams has urged traditional rulers in the country to apply the same zeal they put into the promotion of other religions to the promotion of their native religion, positing that they are traditional rulers and not religious rulers.
    The 15th Aare Ona Kakanfo gave the charge in his Lagos home yesterday, while playing host to a 40 member group of traditional rulers from Kwara state, with the tag, Ifedayo Royal Fathers, Kwara State South Senatorial District.

    Warning against the danger of neglecting their primary responsibility of custodians of culture and tradition, Adams said “there are dare consequences for the neglect our native tradition “.
    He said there is nothing wrong with an Oba practicing the religion of his choice, adding however that, it should be done with moderation and balanced with the promotion of the traditional religion.
    The Aare who promised to do all within the limit of his mandate as the Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yoruba land to ensure a good life for traditional rulers in Yoruba land said the traditional rulers too have a role to play, just as he said that for the society at large to be good, the traditional rulers too must be alive to their spiritual responsibilities to their subjects.
    Urging the traditional rulers to help themselves and their subjects by ensuring that the various deities in their domains are appeased and the relevant festivals celebrated, the Aare said “let us identify the differences between religion and tradition .
    “Let us do Christianity and Islam as well as our traditional religion moderately without allowing one to affect the other.
    “You should celebrate the relevant festivals in your communities as this will pave the way for your progress and that of your town.
    “Marking these festivals does not prevent you from playing your roles in your churches and mosques and even the traditional religion i am pleading with you to promote should be done with moderation”
    Soliciting the cooperation of the traditional rulers with the Alahun of Ahun land in Igbomina, Oba Afeere Idowu as the Secretary, Gani Adams said he will rely on their ” guidance and counsel to have a productive reign as the Aare Ona Kakanfo” .
    Speaking earlier, the traditional rulers said they have come to rejoice with Gani Adams over his recent proclamation as the 15th Aare Ona Kakanfo.
    ‘We have been supportive of your cause before now and now that you have become greater in stature than we envisaged, we thank God that we are all still alive to witness your promotion” the Secretary said on behalf of the team while each of the Obas took turns to pray for the Aare.
    Some of the visiting obas include Kabiyesi Alala of Ala in Ishin Local government, Olowa of Oke Owa and Arigbamu of Agbamu Land.

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