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  • Actress Regina Daniels says Amanda Chisom is wanted by the Police, she replies
  • Following the arrest of the fake Nollywood producer Richy Adams and his crew for impersonating Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels, the actress who wrote a lengthy letter of how she got vindicated, disclosed that the police in Asaba has declared blogger, Amanda Chisom who shared the story of her (Regina Daniels) being a teen pimp wanted.

    Regina Daniels
    Regina Daniels wrote;
    “1st of all, THANK YOU LORD for vindicating me. I also want to say a big thank you to all my fans who stood by me. . . Back to the issue at hand …the said producer has been caught with his accomplice. He was tracked by one of his victims who came to my location because she was also duped. In his laptop we found a lot of nude pictures of different girls I believe are his victims as well. We also found 5 registered SIM cards of which 4 are for nollywood actors and a book where he wrote the names of the people that registered with him. His victims are 73 in number and they paid 25k each. 2 of his victims were found in his house when he was caught at 5am this morning. meanwhile, Aunty Amanda (self acclaimed blogger) you are needed at the police station. Pls gently cat walk to the A Division in asaba to prove your accusations. I will leave this here for now. . . #HE WHO FIGHTS ME, FIGHTS GOD.”
    Regina Daniels

    Amanda Chisom who has long reacted to the arrest report, wrote;
    “Like I said this case did not interest me beyond making sure anybody’s nude was uploaded, I still do not have an explanation to how a message I sent to a verified account made it to the hands of the so called blackmailers and how frances told the ” impersonator” that she made a post about her on her birthday on whatsapp and the verified account acknowledged and liked it. I have handed all info to the lawyers and all included in the report dropped in the report to the commissioner of police. End of matter, I am not police, I have done my part, let the police do their part, as for police wanting me,they know where to find me..
    Nonso Chukwudebe
    Final word on this Regina Daniels/Frances Issue
    When I was approached, the first thing we did was to verify these blackmailing numbers using the True caller App and they came back positive as
    1. +234 907 499 3227 Regina Daniels
    2. +234 802 209 4934 Casie Snow
    3.+234 813 386 2327 Richy Adams
    4. +234 705 748 9333 Sammy Daniels
    But we were not satisfied, so Amanda sent the message below to Regina Daniel’s verified Instagram account..
    “Madam celebrity, so you are threatening your fellow teenager with uploading her nudes if she does not sleep with a producer. Two offence, you are pimping a minor and threatening her with nude. I know you are a child but not so young to not know how to read. I advice you acquaint yourself with the cyber crime laws. I am taking up this case and will be suing you for blackmail and sex trafficking of a minor after which I will take your pathetic career to the cleaners. You silly child. Let me see just one picture of her anywhere that is nude, you , your mother, your brother, casie and the Richy Adams will spend new year in Jail. Thank God you turned 18, that means you are now grown enough to go to jail. This chat serves as a warning..The laywers will contact you. And for your actions, I am opening a file about you, woe be tide you, I find out you are pimping more girls or blackmailing them……”
    Knowing it was a verified account, the idea was to see if the numbers above would react to the message.
    For us, if the numbers responded, it was proof that Regina Daniels was in the know…
    Hours later, these numbers, screen grabbed the said message and sent threatening messages via WhatsApp to the victim Frances.
    At this stage, we screen grabbed those WhatsApp messages and released them to the public in the hopes that Regina would respond to them.
    We still felt something was not quite adding up which necessitated a post I made basically asking Regina how it was possible for those numbers to get a hold of messages sent to her verified Instagram account.
    I am not aware that she has responded to this but many things have happened since I made that post.
    Regina still insists she’s being impersonated and has come out to deny ever knowing the Richy Adams guy who claims to be a nollywood producer based in Asaba.
    Last night, this number 081252742136 claiming to be Sammy Daniels, Regina’s elder brother called both Amanda and France the victim.
    I am going to upload the voice recording of the conversation the alleged Sammy had with the victim here.
    There is also a Facebook back and forth conversation this alleged Sammy Daniels had with the victim before the blackmailing thing started.
    I’m also uploading it here…
    It is important to note that neither I nor Amanda are police investigators and what we did by breaking the news when we did was to essentially stop the threat of releasing the victims nudes.
    We wanted the world to know what was happening and to put the alleged blackmailers on the defensive.
    I can confirm to you that the victim and her mother had fruitful talks with her lawyer yesterday and this morning, a petition would be presented to the police to do the needful.
    We want to believe that the police will get to the very root of this matter and thankfully, her mum is championing this as you can see from the pictures uploaded here at there lawyers office.
    They are probably the only authorities who can approach the networks to verify the names behind those blackmailing numbers.
    At the end of the day, a case of cyber blackmail has been established and it is up to the police to do due diligence and unravel the real culprits.
    I must particularly thank Amanda Chisom for her passion and courage in giving cover to this most naive young lady.
    Anyone in her shoes with blood flowing through their veins would have done same and at the end of the day, she has helped bring to the fore this evil penchant of mindless individuals taking advantage of innocent girls using social media.
    Parents are advised to really monitor how their kids use social media for they are exposed to a whole lot of crap by mindless individuals.
    Like I said, the police are best equipped to unravel this sordid case.
    They must find out how a message to a verified Instagram account found its way into the hands of some blackmailing numbers.
    We have no doubts that justice would take its cause.
    If indeed Regina Daniels is being impersonated, she has Amanda to thank for exposing this crime against her person by people who use other peoples name to scam others but if she is involved in this, let the law take its cause.
    We have done our bit by breaking this story and now the law MUST unravel it.
    God bless and may our children never be caught in webs spun by men without conscience who prowl social media seeking naive minds to infest and destroy!”
    Regina Daniels

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