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  • S.A to Buhari on Political Matters, Babafemi Ojudu’s daughter publicly apologizes to him
  • Moremi Ojudu, the daughter of S.A to President Buhari on Political Matters, Babafemi Ojudu, sometime this year, publicly expressed outrage about the suffering Nigerians were subjected to under the present government.

    Her outburst led to a feud in her family because her father works with the government she was criticising.

    Since then, she hasn’t been on speaking terms with her father, who was understandably upset about her public criticism.
    He blocked her on Whatsapp and on every other medium through which they could communicate.
    People persecuted Moremi for what she did, and to make matters worse, her daughter has begun to feel the pinch because she can’t speak to her granddad, though she’s too young to understand what’s going on.

    Moremi has now taken to Facebook to publicly explain to her father why she had to do what she did, and also to ask for his forgiveness.
    She reminisced about all the wonderful memories she shared with her father while growing up and expressed regrets that she has lost all that, while hoping she could get it back again.
    Read her post below…
    “The Raging feud. It’s been a prolonged and battled estrangement in my family, I apologize ahead for having to share this on the public space as all efforts to quell issues privately between Dad and I has yielded no positive turn.
    Since my public outburst concerning the suffering plight of Nigerians last year and taking a stance to voice out the hardship faced by Nigerians particularly in the previous year, our familial relationship has gone awry. Why? Feedbacks; “Why should you be the one to raise these issues, bearing in mind your father’s position with the government, Do you want to take your father’s daily bread from him? It’s obvious the opposition has bought you over and using you against your father, it’s obvious you kids from his first marriage loathe him.” These and more heart wrenching insinuations.
    Its eaten so deep into the familial relationship that’s lots of people have successfully manipulated issues and done more damage by interpreting things beyond what, it, simply is.
    In the past months, I decided to look over, taking a stance, “There’s a price for every Struggle to Humanity justice”. Perhaps Moremi, this is the price you have to pay for lending your voice in speaking against repression.
    Bracing up, taking up a course to live a life of purpose to humanity sadly, familial strings never lets me be, am I to chart my course to the detriment of a family relationship(mostly cherished by all)
    It’s the most disturbing when my daughter spots my Father on T.V, calls me excitedly “Mummy, Mummy, see Granddaddy, please call him I want to say ‘Hello’or the random voice messages she seldom wishes to sends to him on whatsapp but Can’t be delivered due to a blocked channel, Or, Mummy, how many grandparents do I have? Me: 4, She: how come only three called me on my birthday, where’s Granddaddy?
    I recall my younger days, watching new dawn with Funmi Iyanda on NTA, Dad was a guest on her show, he spoke passionately about his work at TheNews, how he and his team are fully committed to everly use their pen in speaking against oppression as well as ensuring Nigerians become more conscious of their rights. How much I smiled brightly and giggled loudly “Go Daddy!” Mum, throwing a glance at me” Baba e, L’o jo, sha r’ora”.
    Holding back tears, remembering memories of my childhood growing up and having to look up to Dad for lots, needing answers to the Government homework we were given in secondary school, and Dad readily glad to explain many systems of government to me on the phone, taking a step further to speak on the theories of Karl Marx, Montesquieu, Adolf Hitler and more. I remember reading of him regularly on the pages of newspaper,, cramming excerpts of his interview so his interview so I could share with him on the phone, in a bid to making him know I was following his activities religiously. Undoubtedly, Dad became our hero, with my sister and I looking forward to his visits.
    Oh, what responses to give Oyinkansola as she throws inquisitive questions my way, Granddaddy and Mum have a sour relationship. We no longer can talk or see. Can she ever understand there comes a time when a Family becomes totally estranged?
    Tumbling emotions, reflective solitary moments,” Did I offend my Father that much? ” Did I insult himas against moral standards? ”
    I only said the obvious, having campaigned passionately and putting in my vote and that of convinced friends to commit to a better future for Nigerian Citizens. It’s only normal, to speak out having voted someone you believe in to call his attention fast to the implied suffering and hold the government’s legitimacy responsible. My education will be totally flawed if I subject my actions and voice for personal interest. So far, it’s applaudable to see the government take the country out of recession as well as its showed stance to the unity and peace of our dearcountry.
    Today, I publicly apologize to my Dad.
    I am deeply sorry if I have hurt your feelings, your Daughters miss and Need you in their Lives as their father, to love, Protect and guide them.
    Hope you forgive me and understand intuitively that Moremi Ojudu has a sense of purpose to Fulfill to the Human race.
    Hands in hand, with a true United and happy family, we can conquer and live a Life of true Significance.
    May Love Reign fully in our family and may the Ojudus truly stand together as One.
    I Love you Dad!”

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