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  • Charles Manson’s body remains ‘on ice’ over a month after his death
  • The body of mass murderer Charles Manson remains in limbo, more than a month after his death.

    "His body is still here. He hasn't been cremated," Sgt. Stephen Wells, a spokesman for the coroner division of the Kern County Sheriff's Office, told the Daily News.

    "Basically, he's on ice," Wells said.

    Manson died from heart failure and colon cancer on Nov. 19 at a hospital in Bakersfield, Calif.
    A heavily redacted prison worksheet obtained by The News said the wild-eyed cult leader weighed only 127 pounds when he took his last breath at age 83.

    His grandson Jason Freeman, 41, filed a probate case for Manson in Los Angeles County on Dec. 7 and has a court date next month.
    Two other men who were prison pen pals with Manson have claimed they received wills from the convicted killer over the years and planned to seek custody of his remains.

    So far, the Kern County Sheriff hasn't formally recognized anyone as next of kin.

    "We've been in contact with somebody, but nothing has been established. So we're still actively seeking the next of kin. Once that is established, they'll make the decision," Wells said. "The next of kin chooses the manner of disposition."

    Manson's followers killed six people during a terrifying two-night murder spree in August 1969.

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