Great Life Changers Foundation International (GLICFIN) Host Thousands of Widows in End of The Year Celebration


GLICFIN held a successful year end Party in Amazing Grace Pentecostal Church worldwide on Saturday 23rd December 2017 at No 1 Bakare Avenue, Palmgrove, Lagos.

The foundation which caters for the needs of widows from all over Nigeria and beyond irrespective of their religion lavished all sort of gifts items, money and sumptuous meals to all the widows who took part in the remarkable experience of celebration.

Bishop Chioma Grace Dauji, the founder of Amazing Grace Pentecostal Church Worldwide and the CEO of GLIFCIN said in her opening speech that there was no reason to take the glory of such a feat; rather, she returned all glory, honour,power, praise and adoration to the Almighty God. She went further to posit that Whenever Christmas is celebrated, she is reminded of the unfailing and uncompromising love of Christ to humanity and its this unique reminiscence that triggered her humanitarian passion for the GLICFIN to be celebrated annually. It is not to show off,but to share the love of Christ to them." Said the Anointed Visioneer.

 God has given Bishop Chioma the mandate of putting smiles on the faces of the less privileged, widows, widowers, mental derailed, destitute and individuals. Her love and passion for these people earned her this responsibility and she doesn’t allow rejection slow down her work to alleviate their plight, and caring for these people is the only thing that gives her joy.

 GLIFCIN has recorded a tremendous level of success and is absolutely genuine by helping to alleviate sufferings mostly for women who have lost their husbands and who are not working, have no skills neither any business to call their own. And the dream for them is to be well-equipped, empowered to the point that they will not depend on people to feed and send their children to school.

 The foundation which has been trying it’s best to better lives of the poor, widows, widowers, destitute, mental derailed, prisoners and individuals etc, also helps expose them to formal education, informal, training such as tailoring, catering, soap making, handcraft, trading etc. One thing is clear, no society can be complete without these people and because they are part of the society everybody owe them the duty for their upkeep and sustenance. 

The world for these people changes only when you as an individual do your part to change it by your little contribution, support, counseling, donation, attention and also caring for them. Whatever you give to these people will definitely be used judiciously.  “REMEMBER IT IS BETTER TO GIVE THAN TO RECIEVE"

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