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  • Nabila Fash, Oritsefemi’s wife Responds to Claims That She’s an Ex-Prostitute
  • Nabila Fash has taken to her Instagram to demand some respect from trolls who had unkind things to say about her yesterday.
    Drama started when her husband, Oritsefemi, went on a long rant yesterday,throwing shade at top artistes, Wizkid and Davido over their December concerts, and claiming that his wedding drew more attention that the two concerts combined.
    While many people called out the Double Wahalacrooner, some disgraceful lot chose to insult his wife by branding her an ‘ex-prostitute’.

    Reacting to the insult, Nabila listed her qualifications, schooled her accusers on why it is important to quit slut-shaming woman, and then demanded some respect.“The minute we stop slut-shaming women, then we are half way in finding solutions to the problems in the world,” she said, adding, “Put some respect on my name!”
    ”Need I say more? BSC, MBA, plus some professional qualifications…. You can address me with my achievements not what your generations are known for.
    The minute we stop slut shaming women, then we are half way in finding solutions to the problems in the world. Some of us have made something out of our lives and we are still working hard to better ourselves, regardless of status or who our life partners are…. so don’t get it twisted… put some RESPECT on my name…
    God bless you all.#saynotoslutshaming#womenarenotallabouttheirvaginas#unbreakable #Queen oops, I forgot to add, I made a DISTINCTION in my MBA. Not your ordinary girl.#ibragdifferent?ps: we are all adults and accountable for our actions, so don’t drag me in what does not concern me except you want to pay for my PR services..?
    #MrsO#peaceandlove#Idontdodrama”.Many people have rebuked the troll for insulting the brand manager, however, a lot more are dragging Oritsefemi for filth, for putting his wife in harm’s way.

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