Slay Queen contemplates suicide after boyfriend cheats with her best friend

An aggrieved lady and Facebook user, Etta Reignz, took to the platform to disclose that she’s contemplating suicide after her boyfriend, David Daniels who she sends money to, cheated on her with her best friend.
best friend
The lady who shared screenshots of their chat, wrote;
“There’s this certain guy out here,that i have been steadily sending money to, an ingrate and a broke boy at that. This guy is always having a mood swing or depression and I am always there to supply money to him on demand due to his various excuses. Sometimes, twice weekly depending on how much I have on me. It wasn’t too long, he started being over demanding cause well,who doesn’t want that good life if the girlie is capable? I couldn’t keep up and told a brother that things are hard and he should manage till I could raise the money he asked me for. How dare i suggest such a thing, after feeding and enabling the poor guy for months on his very luxurious lifestyle? Even though he knows how things are rough with me at the moment.
Now,fast forward to a few days later, my friend started sleeping out more. I got suspicious since she just broke up weeks again with her boyfriend Rowland. So when she dropped her phone, I had to go through her gallery to check who the new catch is. I wish I never did that, because what I say was enough to kill me! My man’s photo was all over her gallery. She even edited and wrote “together forever” on some of the pictures they took together. Pictures she never posted on a social media. I was forced to read their conversation. Cheers to my broken heart. They were dating and it all started when nigga wasn’t paid his allowance and things were beginning to choke him, and he makes a break for it by dating my very best friend Jo 
Like it wasn’t already hard for me, i found out that they’ve been having constant sex all those night jo didn’t sleep at home,those times I was not at home, and the money i couldn’t supply on demand the last time,was being supplied by my friend who is supposed to look out for me. She gave me the 150k and more. She comes from a wealth home. Her father Okima is an oil and gas magnet.
This guy wasn’t out to date me ,he was out to fall in love with my money and be a sexual predator.
My heart is shattered and is in a million pieces right now .
I don’t know what to do again and i am contemplating suicide, but before I do I just want to warn other girls to steer clear off that demon called David Daniels with this post. He so heartless, rude and mean.
I told this guy everything about my life,the numerous heartbreaks I had, and the scandals I’ve been involved in and he said he didn’t care what people say about me, he wanted me and he loved me for me.
I didn’t know it was the money he came for and only used love as a cover up. Like he called it “staged love”.
Imagine confronting him and he had the nerve to tell me that, he never loved me or my numerous friends he slept with, but only used me for my money and is doing the same thing to my best friend and ten other girls in my clique excluding other girls in Calabar. I am so pained right now. I haven’t been able to sleep. I have never gone a day with talking to me. He was my world.
I literally did everything for this guy who claimed to come from a very poor background and this is how he repays me  He is not from a poor home. His father who is a clergyman is a wealthy. That house they live is just a cover up for all the money and landed properties they have. Oh! I wish I knew all this earlier.
I feel so used and weak right now. Why always me? Men have treated me so poorly in the past and to have it done to me again is heart shattering. David Daniels why? What did I ever do to deserve this?
No! I won’t die, I will live and learn from this. I won’t listen to my mind.
Ladies please beware of him, he has a sweet tongue and the heart of a viper. David Daniels it shall never be well with you and wherever you go!
I am so sad right now! My God will judge you David Daniels.”
best friend
best friendbest friendbest friendbest friendbest friendbest friendbest friendbest friend

The accused boyfriend, David Daniels who reacted to the accusation of cheating with the daughter of an oil magnate wrote;
“I am just laughing at you like I never knew you can be stupid and senile for whatever publicity stunt you intended to pull. Now I am supposed to weep with you or something? Don’t tag me to your nonsense. People meet, people fall out just let me be. Trouble is looming round the corner. Ain’t you surprise you’re not committing suicide like you threatened? I asked for a 150 K cause I know you can’t afford it unless you were going to steal. Now here is the real publicity stunt, who cries last now huh? You don’t rush into weaker decisions and put up a post to humiliate people. Am not even remorseful.
And oh, if you don’t make available evidence of the transactions by nightfall, you just played yourself. I heard love is blind, alpha can you see me here? You see, you always claimed to be the alpha female. I didn’t know it entails weaker decisions. Don’t post your revile on my timeline, am not interested in your call for help on the internet. So I can’t write about Jo because I owe you two cent?
I can’t post that am single cause am supposed to be damaged that we broke up? Girlie, it was a long time ago. Just let me be. Morality doesn’t stem from being a believer. I see your being a Christian doesn’t even teach you forgiveness! I begged you last night to bring down your stupid post and you thought I’ll be at the receiving end, I have untaged myself,i didn’t kill nobody. Just made existence off your wisdom nonexistence. Only dogs lick their wounds in public.
What else you gonna do next? Oh, you’re surprised people are attacking you and not me? It’s always been like that. Whenever a nude or sex tape leaks, the society knows and blame the girl, they don’t even remember the guy’s face. Oh, sorry evidence of transactions or this never happened! Look how you played yourself.”
Best friend

Etta who also debunked Daniel’s counter-claim in a new post, wrote;
“David Daniels how more shameless can you be? You don’t even feel ashamed? You even went to the bank to withdraw my sweat and come here to post so more people can laugh at me? I admit that I am a fool but you didn’t have to rub it off in my face. God punish you wherever you go. 😭😤 it shall never be well with you. Oh love, look what you made me do.”
best friend