Journalist Who Was Threatened By Don Waney For Reporting Negative News Reacts To His Death

A Nigerian journalist, Osiah Chinedu Ojukwu, is overwhelmed with joy following the killing notorious cult leader, kidnap kingpin and mass murderer was shot dead by security operatives recently in Enugu state. The journalist revealed how the dreaded criminal element called him on phone to threaten him over a negative news published about him.

Read below what he shared on Facebook;
I just remembered the day Don Wanny called me and told me that he was going to kill me for reporting negative new about him. He said, “Ojukwu, I think na you get that Facebook wey them carry dollar put for head?” and I answered “Yes, anything?” he asked again “why you dey post those things wey you they post about me?” and I answered again “I am a reporter and I report what ever I see” and he said henceforth, if I dear post anything negative about him that he will kill me, I think na OSPAC they give you mind, I will kill you and kill Maxwell, go tell Maxwell say na wetin I talk. I think you they challenge he said.
I turned and looked at somebody I was standing with ( Chris Namoh) and I laughed, prophetically I replied him that he can’t kill me that instead I will see his end.
Today, I will not fail to thank Almighty God, Jehovah, the creator of the whole universe, the Alpha and Omega, the Author and finisher of my life, He that began before the beginning etc, for accomplishing His words He put in my mouth (I will see your end).
I am happy that I saw the end of Ejima Igwedibia aka Don Wanny, I am happy that I saw the demolition of his blood money mansion, I am happy that the people of ONELGA will sleep with there two eyes close and I am still hopeful that I will see the end of anyone that directly or indirectly has hand in the destruction of ONELGA and bringing us to the situation we found ourselves yesterday.

I seize this Opportunity to thank my boss, Bar. Osi Olisa for accepting and bringing on board the security team (OSPAC) and working tirelessly to the achievement of the peace that has come to stay, even if at a point he was trying to make me angry, I still love and honour him because he is God sent. I also extend my thanks to my elder brother, my mentor, my referee, the Eze Uchi 1 of Ogbaland, Dr Ahiakwo Maxwell for his courage to champion this Course. Comr. Kingsley N. Ogwumike, the Omoku Youths President and leader of ONELGA Youths coalition, I thank God for making you who you are.
I remember you pledge Omoku Youths Association for OSPAC to come on board. My appreciation also go to all the members of OSPAC who sincerely volunteered their selves to fight this course. God Almighty will reward you guys. My wife must not also be left out, Nwaiya nwaobi, she too much. mmmmmmhe has been a source of courage to me, imagine when you call a woman at the middle of the night and ask her to leave the house for safety reason and she will not complain, though at a point she was like saying I want to make her a widow. Still I appreciate her, it is not easy.
ONELGA has come back to life.