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  • BBNaija And Its Mysterious Selection Process

  • Every year, thousands of Nigerian youths troop to various audition centres across the country in a fierce and dangerous selection process in order to partake in the Big Brother Naija Reality Show. No doubt, many have lost vital possessions while some sustained various degrees of injuries. I for one, has never been a fan of this show because I'm still trying to figure out what the show is all about and of what benefit it is to the Nigerian youths. It seems the only things promoted on this show are sex, alcholol, party and more sex. Nevertheless, I'd like to leave this aspect for another time. The focus of this article is the selection process for housemates on the BBNaija show.

    Why is it that MOST folks who found their way to the BBNaija show seemed to be connected to some notable figures in one sector or the other in Nigeria? Why is that MOST of them had already gotten some degree of popularity before they were selected as BBNaija housemates? Why is it that MOST of them had already gotten some exposure living abroad before they were selected as BBNaija housemates? Is there a secret behind this that we do not know or is it just a coincidence? Some persons might want to point out Efe Ejebah, BBNaija winner 2016 edition as a contrast to my opinion but I believe we can all read. It is the same reason I used uppercase for the 'most' for those who find it difficult reading between lines in write-ups like this very one. If you are good in Statistics and research writing in Social Sciences, you would understand the importance or essence of respondents. If you are not, I will use a layman's language that you would understand better. In a series of occurrences, there is a frequency which happens to be the highest occurrence. When series of events occur, the event/factor with the highest occurrence is used to judge situations.

    Now, what are the criteria for selecting people into the house by BBNija organizers? Is it age, fluency in English, wealth, fame, international exposure, educational background, beauty/handsomeness, sultriness or pure connections? Why do we always see people who want to act 'foreign' in BBNaija editions? Why can't we have Nigerian youths from all walks of life in the show? I mean, why can't we have Idemudia, Oghenerukevwe, Olawole, Idris or Obinna who has never tasted the slightest amount of luxury in life ever before? I am sure this category of people take part in the auditions every year. How come most of these housemates have featured in one advert, music video or movie before?

    There are so many questions many Nigerian youths do not bother to ask before trooping out every year to take part in the BBNaija auditions which I consider a high profile entertainment scam!!!

    Any entertainment show where the selection process is clouded in secrecy and not spelt out absolutely is not worth the stress of right-thinking youths.

    Written by Kelvin Ukachukwu (Rapmoney) is a media consultant.

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