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  • #MinisterialScreening: 'During your first tenure I didn’t get employment letter for my constituents' - Tinubu Tells Fashola

  • #MinisterialScreening:
    The screening of ministerial nominees by the Senate took a slight turn today when Senator Remi Tinubu told Babatunde Fashola (a ministerial nominee) that her constituency was denied employment slots during his first tenure as Minister of Power, Works and Housing.

    The Senator representing Lagos central said Fashola should remember her constituency this time around if appointed as Minister.
    “My only addition is that during your first tenure, I remember I didn’t get any chance to give employment letter to my constituency.
    So, when you get there this time, just remember Senators here that have people back home. My constituents are asking us for employment slots.
    So, I want you to put that in your agenda for next tenure. We all need slot for employment for our constituents,” she said.
    She was however quick to add that Fashola who was also a former governor of Lagos State is fit and competent to serve as a minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria again. Fashola, however could not give a response to Senator Tinubu as he was asked to take a bow and go after almost two hours of engagement and questioning by the lawmakers.

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