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  • Photos: Chiadika Joy Champions Climate Change With Yaliserves Event On World Nelson Mandela's Day
  • Climate change is a major issue in today's world. 

    There's a been recent rise in the average temperature of the climate and according to SDG 13, there's a need for everyone to take climate action in order to save our planet.

    Chiadika Joy is one of those who has decided to take this action with her team members commemorating the world Nelson Mandela's day through a yaliserves event.

    On Friday, the 19th of July, she and her team headed to OG private school in Ijagemo, ijegun. They went to teach the teachers, pupils, students and head of school on climate change, Environmental sustainability, waste management and recycling.

    According to her "climate disaster is looming, there can be no society if there is no environment. If we do not take action now, we will all get destroyed. She also pointed out that there are 3Rs in waste management, Reuse Reduce and Recycle." She made them see the urgent need to plant trees in the Environment.

    After the lecture and donation, she showed them upcycled beautiful newspaper skirt/ home decoration she made from waste so they could understand the usefulness of waste.

    In attendance were 8 volunteers, 8 teachers and 40 pupils.

    After the event, she donated gifts and waste baskets to the children and school authority.

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